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Management Planning, Procedures and Benchmarking

Design is only one aspect of the building process and a key part of the ongoing life of a building is how the building is used and how fire safety and evacuation procedures are implemented within the building. At a design stage it is not uncommon for assumptions to be made about the building use which following occupation may change or be modified. Such changes can lead to potentially expensive remedial works to the building or impractical management procedures that conflict with business operations.

BWC have worked extensively with landlords and tenants to establish their key desires and operational aspirations and then looked to optimise the building facilities and ways in which the building is managed to ensure that the buildings are evacuated safely and are operated and maintained in a manner to ensure safety levels are maintained throughout the building's lifetime. In many cases the alternative to restructured building operations would typically be remedial works and additional facilities provided within the buildings.

Beyond safety an essential part of any management strategy is establishing procedures to minimise operational downtime and to protect business continuity. BWC staff have worked with several high profile companies and institutions to improve the quality of their management systems to ensure safety is paramount whilst not compromising operational resources or business continuity.

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